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Please note that the mobile applications available here are no longer supported by the Geological Survey of NSW. To continue accessing up-to-date NSW geology phone maps, download the Explorer for ArcGIS mobile application.

Welcome to the support site for the 360+ offline geology maps and geophysics images viewable on Android and Apple phones and tablets. These are produced by the Geological Survey of New South Wales (Australia).  This is where we publish the latest information on the phone map system.

View 2-minute youtube video.

Example of simplified geology of NSW

Install our interactive maps on an Android device (Android 4.0 or above), or on an Apple device (iOS 8.0 or above), or preview our interactive statewide geology maps on your PC (or phone). Use the menu above to find more details about the phone maps system.

Note, if you don't already own a smart phone or tablet, the cheapest way to run our system is to purchase an Android tablet from a reputable retailer for $100 to $200. It must have WIFI and GPS capability, but you do not need to purchase a SIM card. The Locus Map app and geology maps or geophysics images can be downloaded to your tablet while you are connected to the internet via WIFI in your home or office. Once the downloads are finished, the system has no further reliance on the internet.

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