Internet maps

Two of the phone maps are also available as internet-based maps that can be viewed immediately using a phone, tablet or PC without first downloading the map.  Note that these operate only while you have an internet connection, so are not suitable for use in the field.

The 'Simplified geology' map generalises the geology of NSW into 106 rock units.  Click here to view.

Dungog - simplified NSW Geology

The 'Simplified geology - more roads' map is a variation on the above map, having an extra zoom level, and displays more roads and district names. Click here to view. 

Dungog - NSWGeologyPlus

The 'Seamless geology NE (Z56) beta' map is the seamless merging of rectangular sheet maps - the sheet maps range in scale from 1:250,000 to 1:25,000, so the detail of the geology varies from location to location.  This map displays about 3,000 rock units.  Currently, the best-available (or 'seamless') geology map only covers the Hunter-New England area, but over the next few years this is being expanded to cover the entire state of NSW, and this site will be updated as the project progesses.  See for more details.  No internet map is currently available.

Dungog - Geology Best Available


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